Intermittent Sand Filters - ISF

Intermittent sand filtration is an old and well-known non-proprietary technology. This technology has been updated and is increasingly popular in the Pacific States, where more than 10,000 have been installed for single-family homes since 1976. They produce very high quality effluent, have low energy and maintenance requirements and are suitable for difficult sites.

Onsite Systems Inc. and Eagle Engineering have played a key role in the installation of over 300 modern ISF’s in B.C. since 1993. Laboratory test results of sand filter effluent collected by Eagle Engineering Ltd. and several independent agencies have been excellent. In addition, samples collected below disposal field lines that incorporate secondary sand filtration show virtually drinking water quality effluent.

In B.C. intermittent sand filters are considered as Type 3 treatment systems. They can also be used as Type 2 systems. (System types are described in the Standard Practice Manual (PDF) on page 111-140).

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